TalkWise Podcast

Sharing expert knowledge in communication

Exploring the challenges of communication

In each episode interview someone who is very alert to the challenges of communication helping us all to learn how we can handle the problems of communication.

Together we explore a range of topics, from the role of leadership to employee engagement to the many variables that make up tone of voice;

from building innovative cultures to the challenges facing women in executive roles;

from how to handle difficult conversations to how to be a successful networker;

from how to overcome the negative inner voice of fear to how to give your spoken voice energy and presence.



Sue Macmillan
Storytelling is one of the oldest, most enduring and most impactful of all the uses that we make of talk.
Duncan Partridge TalkWise Podcast
The way we talk to and about one another can make or break relationships, inter-personal, organisational or societal, so it’s
Dr Emma Jefferies on the TalkWise Podcast
Strings of words arranged in meaningful patterns are central to human communication, so how is the sharing of understanding through
formative conversations podcast with Alan Robertson
Talk is potent. It’s the principal everyday means through which we humans make things happen. It influences how we and
Kate Mason Keaney TalkWise Podcast
One of the most significant trends in the continuing evolution of executive coaching is the emergence of team coaching with
Helen Mundy TalkWise Podcast
Much is said, supposed and written about management and leadership, but what do these big concepts actually require of individuals
Andrew Wilcock TalkWise Podcast
Selling is one of the most intentional and frequent uses to which we humans put our ability to talk. Whether
Marian OBrien TalkWise Podcast
Agile working is an approach to project management developed for a complex, uncertain and dynamic world that calls for the
Rachel Harrison TalkWise Podcast
Good communication comes not from abstract principles but from actions, from what actually happens when we speak. Our voices too
Tim Ojo TalkWise Podcast
The importance of being ready, able and willing to listen as a key element in effective communication has been emphasised

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