The skill of high performance communication

Talk, our single most important competence

Talking is perhaps our single most important competence as human beings. It’s central to how we interact and how we think. We’re clearly not as good at it as we might be.

TalkWise is committed to improving communication by developing how well we use talk.


The biggest consequences of poor communication that TalkWise helps to avoid:

  • Added stress
  • Project delay/failure
  • Low morale
  • Missed goals
  • Obstacles to innovation
  • Lost Sales
  • Slower career progression

The consequences of poor communication

Without the skill of in the moment responsible
communication individuals and organisations suffer the consequences of poor communication. TalkWise builds the skill and awareness to avoid these career and organisational pitfalls.

What it means to be TalkWise

Being TalkWise is about being a present and responsible communicator, aware of what’s being said and its impacts, resourceful in using talk to good effect and skilful in making interactions beneficial and productive.


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