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Talk is central to how people perform in practice.


Producing excellent communicators

Talk isn't just the means we converse and interact with each other, it's also how we think and engage with the challenges we face. TalkWise aims to be the most useful set of resoruces and training to improve the skill of talk and to produce excellent communicators.

How do we measure 'Talk'

TalkWise's VoicePrint diagnostic tools are the vital link for raising the awareness required to bridge the performance gap.

the VoicePrint model of talk

"A half day workshop exploring your VoicePrint profile produces an average 30% improvement in the quality of people's listening an understanding of each other. That's just the start of the benefits"

TalkWise research

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With our podcast, articles and courses for individuals and organisations for solving and understanding communication problems

How to facilitate blue sky thinking

What does ‘blue sky thinking’ sound like? Let’s look at how to facilitate blue sky thinking.

Blue Sky

How can I have more influence?

An important question in a crowed noisy competitive world. One source of influence is in our control, talk.


How to handle difficult conversations?

One thing that is not in short supply in our working lives are potentially difficult conversations.

difficult conversation