Being A Speech and Language Therapist

Interview with Stef Ticehurst

Being a speech and language therapist with Stef Ticehurst

Episode Description

For some people severe speech and language difficulties are very evident, whether they date from birth or from life misfortunes such as accidents, strokes and dementia. But in this episode learning and development expert and coach Stef Ticehurst, a highly experienced speech and language therapist herself, points out that we all have difficulties with speech and language in some form and to some degree or other. She suggests some practical ways we can be more sympathetic and helpful towards one another in addressing this everyday aspect of life.

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Episode Resources

Stef’s resource recommendations:
Listening & Noticing
  • Listen to great speakers.
  • Observe actors you admire, their control and their non verbals.
  • Watch soap operas with the sound turned down and study the non verbal behaviours.

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly (1997) – Jean-Dominque Bauby

Other available resources that you might not know about

Adults can self refer themselves to the speech and language therapy service, which is usually in their local hospital.

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