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A look at what you can do if you need to have a difficult conversation.

Difficult conversations are, by their very definition, difficult! And they take many forms: critical feedback, a difference of opinion, raising a contentious issue, unwelcome news or, really, any conversation where at least one party feels uncomfortable.

Now, in 2020, interactions which were already likely to be challenging have been made even more so by having to have them, not in person, but over video call. Where once a bruised relationship might have been repaired by a conciliatory coffee, or a walk around the block, or a smile across the corridor, we are cut-off from our colleagues, unable to assess easily how they might be responding to our words and actions.

In this conversation between TalkWise director Alan Robertson and Amy Dempsey from Dempsey Coates discuss what can individuals who need to have difficult conversations can do at this time.


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